Wrestling Icon Mick Foley Joins HELLEVATOR MAN

hellevator man

Wrestling icon Mick Foley has signed on for Vincent J. Guastini’s horror anthology segment HELLEVATOR MAN, the latest project from Blanc/Biehn Productions. Foley will play the title character that serves as the storyteller for the horror anthology.

The Future Executive” centers around Devi (Sushi Girl’s Cortney Palm), a powerful young CEO that enters her office’s empty elevator for an important meeting as a gloved hand stops the doors from closing. Andy Mackenzie (Shoot ‘Em Up) plays Jack, a delivery man that follows Devi into the tiny space; the elevator doors part one more time for Liam (Donnie Darko’s James Duval), a mild-mannered office worker with an unrequited crush on Devi. A sudden power outage sets the stage for a nightmare ride ahead for the trio.

Blanc-Biehn and Blanc is in post on the Hellevator Man compilation, Patrick Rea‘s “It’s Hell Getting Old,” will accompany “The Future Executive” with more elevator-centric segments set for production in the months ahead. More will be announced, along with Frozen‘s Scott Shirmer doing his entitled TEAR and Mick Foley (MANKIND) coming on board as The Hellevator Man and storyteller himself.

Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Lony Ruhmann are the executive producers for Hellevator Man.


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