Will Logan Live Up to the X-Men Hype?

Logan is the latest installment in the X-Men movie franchise following the character of Wolverine. The public has been privy to a few trailers for the film, set to hit theaters for American release on March 3, 2017.

The trailers, with Johnny Cash crooning in the background, show off tons of fights and explosions. We get glimpses of Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier and a very blond bad guy. We also get to see a wild and crazy whirling dervish of a girl.

The plot of the movie follows Wolverine, given name of Logan, as he meanders through his old age. Thanks to mutant healing powers, Wolverine has lived a long, long time, but his life may finally be reaching its end. In Logan, he is tasked with protecting a young girl who seems to possess similar mutant abilities to his own.

As has been the case for some time, the main character is played by Australian-born actor Hugh Jackman. Jackman has been the character of Wolverine in films nine times now, dating back to the release of the first X-Men movie 17 years ago. Interestingly, Jackman has made it clear that he plans on Logan being his final time donning the yellow suit and claws. He said in an interview that he felt this was the “perfect way to go out.”

What that means plot-wise for the film in question remains to be seen. Speculation for Logan, one of the most anticipated action movies of 2017, is that Wolverine, the character, may be on his last legs as well, ready to be replaced by the young girl with similar, or perhaps identical, abilities. If she is indeed Wolverine’s clone, that adds all kinds of possibilities for the character moving forward. And the casting seems to back up this belief. Young Dafne Keen is credited as Laura Kinney, AKA X-23.

The odd bit of clarification concerning the X-Men universe is that the Wolverine franchise has often steered clear of the same timelines or, at least, followed its own way. There was a different Deadpool character in the Wolverine films who had no connection with the Deadpool of Deadpool fame. There were even different story arcs of characters like Professor Xavier within different strands of the X-Men cinematic universe itself. It will be fascinating to see if Logan putting an end to Wolverine (if it actually does) will have any bearing on the X-Men films doing the same.

In any case, even if future X-Men films wish to use the character of Wolverine, it sounds like they will need to find a new actor to play him. Jackman’s finality with the character he has embodied for so long makes Logan a must-see for comic book and superhero fans. It should be treated as the end of a franchise, even if the content continues on afterwards.

–¬†Cliff Thomas

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