Web Series: Watch ‘CONTEMPT’ Episode One “The Guniea Pig”

CONTEMPT is a brand new web series from filmmaker Matthew Gunnoe (The Pit) and we have the first episode for you to exclusively check out and it’s good stuff people! Think Saw meets Survivor in this first episode.  This definitely leaves you wanting more! 


When those intrusted to dispense justice become the very criminals they’re sworn to fight, retribution will come swiftly.

Matthew Gunnoe had this to say about Contempt;

I wanted to do something different, and I think a vigilante bringing crooked authorities to justice is pretty unique. The guilty aren’t just taken out and killed. That would be boring, and as the main character, ‘Unknown’, says: “There’s no honor in slaughter”. They actually have a chance to survive if they can pass the deadly trials and make it to the finish line in time. But have no doubt, the whole point is to have them suffer and ultimately die a horrible death. I’ve come up with all kinds of different suffering scenarios we put the scumbags through for the first two episodes. Let me tell you, we came up with some originals!

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