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Head inside to watch JUDGE DREDD: CURSED EDGE Episode 5. The fan made web series is based upon the 2012 movie Dredd.

The web series was written and directed by Oliver Hollingdale and the cast includes Raine McCormack as Victor Covex, Kiarnie Camp as Judge Hollister, Darren Carver as Geek Gorgon, Jade Rambout as Hall of Justice Control Operator and Damien Gerard as Judge Turpin with Cyle Hendricks on board to compose.

Based upon the movie Dredd (2012) comes a web series, This is a fan made project made by the love of all Judge Dredd fans! There are 6 episodes in total for the first series named Case File #1. We hope you enjoy and continue to support us and get our project noticed!

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  1. oscar Rodriguez says:

    with these videos being unlisted its kinda hard to find/ watch all the great work these guys put in.

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