TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD Episode 3.16 “Welcome to the Tombs”

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It’s the season finale of the Walking Dead.  The big battle between Rick and the Governor.  27 people will die.  Who will it be?  Will it follow the comic’s?  Will 2 of our top character die?  Let’s find out

We start out this week with the Governor finally beating the piss out of Milton.  He gives him a blade, throws him the locked room with Andrea and orders him to kill her. He takes the knife and tries to stab the Governor instead.  Too bad for him hes a little bitch.  The Governor takes the blade away and stabs Milton leaving him to die, and turn into a walker so he can eat Andrea.

We cut to the prison where Rick tells Michonne she is one of them.  There packing up all their stuff and getting ready to move on if they have to.  While this is going on the Governor and his men are getting ready to leave.  Tyreese and Sacha tell him they want no part of killing humans and offer to stay behind to protect Woodbury.

The Governor and his men roll up on the prison, and take out all the walkers in the yard, they blow their way in and discover it’s empty.  As they walk around searching they get bombarded with smoke bombs, and the prison alarm goes off, signaling tons of walkers. As they retreat outside Maggie and Glen begin shooting at them. The Governor and his men get in there vehicles and drive off.  While this is going on Carl, Herschel, and Beth are in the woods when a kid from the Governors group approaches them to surrender.  Carl decides to just shoot him dead.

Down the road the governor demands everyone go back.  Surprisingly none of his army wants to as there as they were getting killed left and right.  The Governor snaps and guns down tons of his own men.  Rick Michonne and Daryl head out into the woods and find only Karen alive.  They go with her to Woodbury and encounter Tyreese and Sacha, who immediately fire on them.  Karen tells them to stop and that the Governor killed all the troops.  They let them inside and Rick goes to find Andrea.  They find her, but she has been bitten.  Michonne starts to cry as Rick hands Andrea a gun leaving the two alone to say goodbye.  After a few second we hear a gunshot.

We end as Rick and the gang returns to the prison with the last of the people from Woodbury.  Rick looks up expecting to see Lori, but no one is there.

That wraps up season 3 of the Walking Dead.  Now we begin the long wait for season 4.


– Cory G

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