TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD Episode 3.14 “Prey”


Remember how I said last week was a throw away episode?  Remember how last week only focused on Rick, Carl, and Michonne?  Well tonight is Throw away episode 2 focusing on The Governor, Andrea, and a few others.

We see The Governors men loading up weapons, which bother’s Andrea as she really thinks that they are trying to arrange a truce with Rick and his group.  Thus proving some people can be really really dumb even during the zombie apocalypse.  Milton, who is not very bright in the common sense field, decides to show Andrea the cell/torture chamber they have designed for Michone.  He tells Andrea even if she kills the Governor it won’t help as Martinez will just take over and go after Rick’s group.  The governor spots Andrea and asks her to come with him when they go to see Rick.  She agrees, and then slips out of town.

Tyreese and Sacha tell the Governor that Andrea was bad mouthing him, and then left.  He tells them shes gone nuts, and then tells them to help Martinez out with a project.   As Andrea is running she spots the Governors truck and dips into the woods where she encounters walkers. She manages to take them out with her knife.

While this is going on Tyreese, Martinez, Sacha, and Ben come to a giant hole in the ground full of walkers. Tyreese becomes upset and tells them they can’t use this as a trap for Rick’s group as he has a baby and kids with him.  Alan, doesn’t care so him and Tyreese come to blows.

Andrea at this point has made it to an old building, with the Governor right behind her.  He starts yelling for her to come home when he runs into walkers.  She tries to make it out the back staircase but she encounters walkers as well.  The governor grabs her, so she basically just opens the door and lets the walkers come out while she makes her getaway.  While this is going on we see someone arrive at the Walker hole dug for Rick’s group and burn it down.

Andrea meanwhile has made it all the way to the prison but before she can step in the Governor grabs her and drags her back to Woodbury.  The governor tells Tyreese the walkers in the pit were going to be used only to scare Rick.  Tyreese apologizes for the trouble. He asks Tyreese about burning the walkers, but Tyreese does not know what he is talking about.  We then cut to Andrea in the cell built for Michone tied up and gagged.

2 more episodes left!

– Cory G

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