TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD Episode 3.13 “Arrow on the Doorpost”

In the start of our tension filled episode we see Rick, Daryl, who I still don’t get the fascination with, and Herschel going to a farm.  Rick goes off to the barn and is greeted by The Governor.  He tells Rick he wants to talk and places his gun on the table.  Outside Hershel and Daryl spot Andrea, Martinez, and Milton arriving. Andrea runs into the barn and tells Rick and The Governor they need to end there feud.

While all this talking is going on Merle, and the rest are getting the weapons loaded back at the prison.  Merle, the smartest guy in the group wants to go to the meeting and take out the Governor while hes unprotected.  Glen begs him to trust Rick.  Rick on the other hand isn’t doing to great as the Governor tells him hes not there to talk peace, but to accept Rick’s surrender.  He then tells Andrea to go outside.  In a nice twist the Governor tells Rick the baby might not be his, according to what he has heard.  Andrea has a big mouth.

While this is going on some Walkers arrive, so Daryl,Herschel, Martez, and Milton bond as they kill them.  Hell Daryl even has a smoke with Martinez, which makes me wonder, how are soe of these people not out of cigarettes yet? Hershel then explains to Andrea what happened to Maggie at the orders of the Governor and that she needs to come back with them.

Anyway, the Governor tells Rick how he to lost his wife, and his daughter.  He lets Rick know even though Rick has more weapons he has more people.  He tells Rick all he wants is Michone.

Meanwhile Maggie and Glen finally make up and have sex.  Make up sex.  I felt as though that was worth the cutaway!

Rick trys to convince the Governor, that a real governor would kill Michone, and thats its beneath him.  Is Rick so stupid he cant figure out hes not a real governor?  The Gov gives him 2 days to deliver her.  They stand up, and Andrea decides to leave with the Governor.  Rick tells Hershel what the offer was.  Hershel tells him how Michone saved Carl, Maggie, and Daryl.  Rick simply says “Hershel I hope you can talk me out of it.”

What an ass Rick is, which Is why I miss Shane.

– Cory G

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