TV Recap: SUPERNATURAL Episode 8.23 “Sacrifice”



Supernatural season finale opens up in classic Supernatural fashion while Wayward Son plays over clips of this past season.  We then cut to Crowley on a date with Bobbies old cop friend.   He puts the hex on her and calls Dean telling him hes going to kill her, and everyone they were ever close to unless they give up the trails.  They agree and meet him to sign the contract. Too bad it was part of their plan as Dean cuffs Crowley with demon proof handcuffs.  They figure, as there are no demons around, they will just cure him

As this plan unfolds Castile and Metatron are completing the Angel trails.  They need to get an arrow from cupid, to do this they are busy trying to find the proprietor of a bar love.  Unfortunately Naomi has found out about Metatron and has him grabbed, leaving Castile alone.

Sam and Dean meanwhile have Crowley chained up in an old church.  Sam is going to inject him with his blood every hour for 8 hours, then he will hit him with his cut hand, which will cure him.  Sam must first go in to confess his sins to purify himself.  Castile shows up and Dean goes with him to finish the angel trials while Sam cures Crowley.

Naomi meanwhile has dug into Metatron brain and sees what he is really up to.  She lets Dean and Castell know they are being tricked, and that Metatron plan is to banish all the angels from heaven to earth.  She also informs Dean that when Sam completes this last trial he will die.

Crowley meanwhile has taken a bite out of Sam’s arm and uses the blood to call for help.  He summons one of his warriors who throws Sam out the window.  But rather than free Crowley, she begins beating him.  See she wants to be the new ruler of hell.  While shes pummeling him Sam returns and burns her.  Crowley, thanks him, and then begins babbling.  Sam realizes he is being cured and gives him another shot.

Castile meanwhile has returned to heaven to find Naomi dead.  Metatron sneaks up on Cass and slits his neck and removes his angel essence and sends him to earth.  Meanwhile Sam is just about to hit Crowley with the final blow when Dean stops him and tells him he will die.  Sam doesn’t seem to care, but Dean talks him out of it and they hug.  Sam’s arms glow and Dean takes him outside.  Suddenly the sky gets dark and the wind picks up, Cass awakens in the forest and looks up in the sky, as do Dean and Sam.  They see hundreds of yellow lights falling from the sky.  Sam asks Dean what the y are, to which Dean replies “Angels”


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