TV Recap: SUPERNATURAL Episode 8.21 “Finding Metatron



Poor Sam, he’s so sick from going through the trials he’s delirious, and pale.  Luckily Dean is making him soup, and offering him blankets.  Luckily for us this touching scene is interrupted by an email from Kevin.  Turns out he set this up in case he was ever captured, or killed.  It the last piece of information he was able to translate.  It’s a symbol that Sam recognizes and knows it means “Messenger of God” it’s the calling card of Metraton.  This sends out to in search of Metraton at an Indian Casino.  Sam, is no completely nuts, and can vividly remember everything from his childhood.  He starts babbling to Dean about how he was once riding a donky that kept farting at the Grand Canyon when he was 4.  He remembers fevers he had, and how Dean would read to him.  He now believes the blood he has been coughing up is demon blood, and that by doing these trails he is actually being purified.

Sam and Dean meet up with Metraton and find out he’s basically useless.  He has no clue about anything.  Turns out he has turned his back on all the angels.  Actually he has no connection with anyone, he just reads.  Cass as it turns out has been hiding out in random Biggersons restaurants.  Turns out Angels cant track him there.  Naomi gets clued in on this, and decided to slaughter an entire restaurant forcing Cass out of hiding.  He does, and is quickly taken captive.

Meanwhile Crowley has developed a room to keep Kevin in that looks just like the boat he had been staying on.  He even has a fake Sam and Dean visit him to find out about the tablet.  Crowley also now knows about Cass and Naomi’s part in this as there in an angel working for him as well.  He decides to visit Naomi with the coolest weapon this season a gun loaded with bullets made from an angel sword.  He threatens Naomi with it and grabs Cass from her.  Crowley then quickly figures out Cass didn’t leave his Tablet anywhere, but he hid it inside himself.  So Crowley does what anyone would do.  He yanks the thing right out of Cass.

Kevin meanwhile has put two and two together and figure out that he’s being tricked.  See Demon Sam and Dean are too nice to him.  So he sets up a Devils Trap to hold them.  Before he can escape Crowley shows up with the tablet.  He tells Kevin he doesn’t need him anymore.  As this is happening Dean decides to tell Metraton about Kevin.  Saying he was just a kid, a profit who got killed protecting the word of God.  Metraton disappears and before Crowley can Kill Kevin he is shot down by a bolt of light.  Metraton takes Kevin back to Sam and Dean.  Kevin informs them the final trail is to cure a demon.  Metraton warns the boys to think about what they are doing, as you don’t know what will happen on earth if the gates of hell are closed.

We see Sam Dean and Kevin driving off when Cass appears, a bloody mess might I add.  They grab him and drive off together.

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