TV Recap: SUPERNATURAL Episode 8.20 “Pac-Man Fever”



Liquified Organs, yes as in organs that are liquefied, that’s the case the Winchesters are on this week.  However Sam is still recovering from his last test so Dean gets to team up with Charlie.  Yes the ugly girls that people think is hot.  Turns out she is in town this week and actual goes to the House of Letters house Sam and Dean now live in.  Turns out she obsesses with learning all about hunting.  We have a nice little montage with her getting ready to be a fake FBI agent.

Dean and Charlie head off to the coroner’s office; however they are unable to get to the body as his request all the paper work.  They return later and find the bodies of these victims have been burned.  Turns out this are the work of a Dijinn, one who preys on fear. Also turns out that he smells Charlie Fear.  See Charlie and her parents were in a car accident years ago and her mom, to this day is still in a coma.  Charlie is worried that she will die.

The Dijinn attacks her and takes her back to his lair.  When Charlie was a kid she hacked into a video game and re-edited it, then gave it to her friends.  So the Dijinn places her (Subconsciously) into this game.  Sam and Dean arrive and kill the Dijinn, but when they give Charlie the antidote it does not work.  Luckily, just like batman would have, Dean is prepared and has some Dream Root on him.  He takes this so he can travel into her subconscious mind and free her from the game.

Dean appears in video game gear and he and Charlie begin going through different levels killing vampires as they go.  Turns out the object is to protect her mom and Sam.  Dean realizes that as the Dijinn poison she has preys on fear she has to let the fear of losing her mother go.  She does, and they escape the game.

Charlie goes to the hospital and reads her mom The Hobbit one last time before they let her go.  We end where she tells Sam he will be ok.  When Dean returns he hugs Sam and tells him he needs him, as they have a profit to find.

Cory G

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