TV Recap: SUPERNATURAL Episode 8.19 “Taxi Driver”

supernatural 819

So poor Kevin is going insane.  Turns out all he does is hear Crowley’s voice over and over again.  He calls Sam and Dean for help.  Turns out, but not only is he nuts now, but he deciphered the 2nd task.  Sam must enter hell to save a tortured soul.  Problem is, how do you get to hell? They get him relax then split up.  Sam goes to find some answers, and Dean goes to get food.

Sam happens to run into a demon who he begins beating telling him he wants to know about Crowley.  The demon tells him if he talks Crowley will kill him., Sam tells him he will let him go if he talks, so he tells Sam to go to demon named Ajay for help. He’s a Taxi Demon who can take them to hell.

Sam goes with Ajay to enter Hell and save Bobby. Come on, this is Supernatural, you didn’t think we would never see Bobby again did you?  Ajay tells him to wait in an alley and they will be taken there.  Only problem is, Crowley found out about this. And has  had Ajay set Sam up so he will be trapped in Purgatory. He then kills Ajay for his hard work.

Dean meanwhile is visited by Naomi, who is still looking for Cass.  She informs him of what is going on.  He calls Benny and after apologizing for not being a good friend asks Benny to help get Sam out of Purgatory.  They have a nice bromance embrace and Dean cuts off his head.

Sam meanwhile has stumbled through Purgatory and is now in hell.  He encounters a crazy girl asking if he’s there for her.  He walks past and finds Bobby locked up.  He opens the door only to get punched in the face.  Bobbie is pissed he came to get him.  Sam explains he’s only there to send him to heaven, not bring him back to earth.  They head to the exit but no one is waiting for them, except Benny.  He tells Sam that Ajay turned on them and they are going to be trapped in Purgatory.  He takes them to the opening he came through but they are ambushed by demons.  Benny tells Sam to go and that he will hold them off as he doesn’t do well in the real world.

Sam pops out to see Dean waiting, when Crowley arrives to take Bobby back.  Just then Naomi shows up, and sends her angels beam at Crowley, but he runs off.  She tells Dean he can trust her and takes Bobbies soul up to heaven.  Sam tells Dean that Benny did not make it.

We end with Kevin laying in a fetal position freaked out because he hears Crowley.  Sam and Dean open the door, but he is not there.


– Cory G

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