TV Recap: SUPERNATURAL Episode 8.18 “Freaks and Geeks”

supernatural 818

Sam and Dean are off to Kansas this week to investigate a girl’s death.  Why, because the dead girl is a vamp, who was beaten to death, after she was hunted down by a group of teenage hunters, one of whom was Krissy.  Dean and Sam convince the local cops to mark the case closed and that the FBI will handle it.

Sam and Dean decide to look for these kids before searching out the vamps to find out where they learned to kill like this.  Plus these kids are packing cameras and state of the art weapons.  The encounter a girl, who has been taken by a vamp, only to be interrupted by the Teenage Hunters, who quickly take out the vamp and save the girl.

Sam and Dean trace them back to their lair which is actually a normal house.  There “Trainer” is just an old Hunter named Victor who gathered these kids, as all their families had been killed by vamps.  He tells them he has figured out where the nest is, so Dean decides to go with the kids, which leave Sam with Victor.

As this is Supernatural there has to be a plot twist.  There is.  Turns out Victor always wanted to create the perfect hunter so he convinced a vamp to kill the families of these kids.  He then was sending them after newly turned vamp, while telling them they were getting revenge against the nest that murdered the respective parents.

After Dean and the kids take out a nest Krissy shoots the main vamp in the eyes with poison darts.  She learns how Victor had been setting them up and goes to kill him, she fires her gun but it’s empty.  Dean tells her they don’t kill hunters no matter what they did, and that Victor will have to live with what he did.  Too bad he doesn’t want to as he simply blows his own brains out.

As this is the only life that Krissy and her friends really now they decide to go off together and remain being hunters.  Sam gives Krissy her dad’s old necklace and they wish them well.  Sam and Dean decide that these kids should not have to grow up being hunters and vow to shut the demon gates for good.  TO bad it ended this way as they decided to shut the gates for good 13 episodes ago.

– Cory G

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