TV Recap: SUPERNATURAL Episode 8.17 “Goodbye Stranger”

supernatural 817

We open tonight with Castile beating up Dean, Snapping Deans arm, then stabbing him.  It’s ok though.  There is whole rum full of dead Deans.  Naomi is having Cas kill them to prove he can do it when the time comes.

Back at the Sam and Deans new place of living Dean finds an Asian porn magazine from the 50’s He decides to take it into the bathroom with him, when he notices a trash can full of bloody Kleenex.

They head off to find a group of Demons who are searching for something.  They stumble upon them, but soon like always get there weapons knocked out of their hands and jumped.  Cass comes to save them.  He tells Sam and Dean these demons are looking for Lucifer’s Crypt, which holds a parchment that can translate the Demon Tablet.  They head off to a Demon Safe House, see everything on CW copies Arrow and find Meg being held.

Naomi is worried because Meg knows what everyone is really looking for.  Cass tells her it would be better if he works with Meg and Naomi agrees.  Meg then tells Sam and Dean that everyone wants the Angel Tablet which can kill all the angels.

Sam and Dean locate the tablet at an old abandoned warehouse.  Abandoned warehouses are no good.  Once again I must say everything bad happens at abandoned warehouses.  If you’re reading this and own an abandoned warehouse either sell it, or pay someone to live there.  Dean and Cass head inside and Dean tells Cass about the trails, saying he thinks there hurting Sam.  Cass tells dean that Sam is just changing on a sub atomic level?  I don’t get it any more than Dean did.  They locate the Tablet and Naomi tells Cass to let Dean grab it then kill him.  Cass doesn’t want to but he grabs Dean and starts pounding away on him.  Dean begs him to stop.  Cass hesitates as the Tablet comes free which sends a bolt through Cass causing him to regain his free will.  He heals Dean, tells him he sorry, and that he must keep the tablet safe.  Then he simply vanishes.

Crowley finally has shown us and manages to stab Meg, and then tells Naomi that they should work together.  She vanishes before he can finish talking.

We end with Sam and Dean driving and Dean tells Sam he knows about the blood, and he can’t carry the burden alone on this.  Sam tells him he is sorry and wont lie to him.  We then see Cass on a bus with the tablet driving off


– Cory G

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