TV Recap: SUPERNATURAL Episode 8.16 “Remember The Titans”

So here we go again, sort of.  Like most episodes we are introduced to a victim.  Just some guy who gets plowed into by a drunk driver.  Cops find his dead body, but the he disappears, so in a funny twist the cop thinks the guys a zombie.  This of course triggers Sam and Dean to come to town, where the guy is once again dead.  He got chomped up by a bear.  But as luck would have it hes alive the next morning.

Turns out hes just some guy who keeps coming back to life.  He does this every day, as he dies every day.  Once again he dies as he suffers a heart attack when a lady who can summon daggers attacks him.  As Sam is a nerd he figures out this guy is Prometheus.  A Greek God who was punished by Zeus for stealing.  His punishment is that he dies every day.

Luckily they have The Men of Letters Books at their disposal so they simply use a spell to call Zeus.  See it turns out Prometheus has a son who dies everyday as well, and they need to break this chain.  They summon him with no problem, and oddly he looks much different than he did in Clash of the Titans.

Not only does he not look like Liam Neeson, hes not very cool either.  Hes actually a real ass hole.  He flings Sam and Dean away at will and calmly walks out of the holding trap, well he is a God I guess.  Artemis arrives and Zeus orders her to take Sam and Dean away so that he can be alone with Prometheus to further torture him.  Once he learns that the cure has been passed down to Oliver he takes great joy in knowing he can now torture the father through the son.

Then, in a confusing manner, well confusing on how simple it is for a human to outwit a God.  Sam tells Artemis, who just happens to be Zeus daughter, that Prometheus is in love with her.  She asks Zeus to lift the curse but he refuses. She takes out an arrow and shoots it at him, but as hes a real man he uses Prometheus as a shield.  Prometheus, who just wants to save his son, shoves the arrow clean through him and into Zeus causing them both to vanish, and lift the curse on the boy.

Sam, who is still hacking out blood, now thinks he is destined to die when he closes the gates of hell just as Prometheus died to save his son.  Dean calls out for Cass at the end, but he never comes.

I have to say this was another throw away.  Zeus?  Once again, they stopped Satan.  And shame on The CW for ripping off Arrow again.  Shooting God Killer Arrows.  Come on, between this and Vampire Diary’s taking place on an island they show just have Oliver guest star in these shows.  Come to think of it that would be awesome.

Show is also off to re-run land for 3 weeks so catch up on some old episodes, or better yet catch up on some episodes of Arrow.  He inadvertently plays a part in every CW show now


– Cory G

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