Trailer For Sci-fi Conspiracy Thriller MAN UNDERGROUND Teases You Are Being Watched

Head inside to check out the trailer and release details for the sci-fi conspiracy thriller MAN UNDERGROUND, now playing in select theaters and releasing on DVD and VOD on August 15th. 

The movie was writtena nd directed by Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine and stars George Basil, Andy Rocco, Johnny Williams, Stephen Girasuolo and Pamela Fila.


In a small town in upstate NY, Willem Koda, a retired geologist and alien conspiracy theorist, struggles to find an audience for his controversial beliefs. Willem decides to document his clandestine lifestyle and his violent encounters with aliens while working for the US Government with the help of Flossie, a local waitress and Todd, his fellow conspirator. As the story unfolds, the three of them witness bizarre events and unexplained happenings that force Willem to confront his past while he grows increasingly paranoid about the future of all mankind.



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