Trailer, Clips & TV Spot From The ‘HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH’ Blu-ray Release

Shout Factory‘s new horror branch Scream Factory has already made a splash with horror fans by releasing several obscure horror titles and we’ll be getting the HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and DVD on September 18th and it’s packed full of cool extras!  Check out the trailer, a clip from the movie, a clip from Horror’s Hallowed Grounds with host Sean Clark and an old TV spot that are all included in the extras on the upcoming release.   Check out the cool artwork for this release!


A terrified old man turns up in hospital, clutching a Halloween mask mass-produced by the Silver Shamrock Company, and screaming, “They are going to kill us!” When the man is then murdered in his hospital bed, and his killer calmly commits suicide, Dr Daniel Challis (Tom Atkins) starts to investigate the origin of the masks. This will bring him face to face with Conal Conhran (O’Herlihy) an insane toymaker with a horrifying plan to destroy the children of America…




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