Toy Review: Aliens Helmeted Corporal Hicks vs Battle Damaged Xenomorph Warrior From NECA

NECA-Hicks vs. Xenomorph Warrior 2-Pack

Following our REVIEW of that cool Alien Egg from NECA, next up is the Special Edition Helmeted Hicks vs Battle Damaged Xenomorph (blue) Warrior 2-Pack. This newly released 2-pack features an all new version of Corporal Dwayne Hicks who sports a new headsculpt, helmet and headset. The figure comes with plenty of accessories that includes a pulse rifle, shotgun, motion detector, shoulder lamp, welding torch and more. This Alien Warrior comes battle damaged as you can see by the exploding head and gun shot to the chest. This Battle Damaged figure also features a new color scheme, this time blue and looks really good!

The figures come in a clear clam shell packaging as you can see up top. In the gallery below, from left to right: The back of the packaging comes features the synopsis of Aliens and includes another nice shot of the two figures engaging in battle. The left side features several more images of the figures caught in action. There’s also some background art that’s included with this set so you can set up and create your own scene from the movie. The right side of the packaging features character bio pics but what’s cool is NECA has included some “Alien acid” that’s oozing over them. Nicely done for clam shell packaging, yes they thought of it all!


These fully posable figures are both highly detailed and movie accurate, from the colors and accessories to the freaking cool 30 points of articulation that is insane for an action figure. These two guys can bend at every joint and then some! There’s one problem with so much articulation is that these two figure’s feet can pivot in every way and I found it hard at times to keep them standing. I can say for the Alien, all you have to do is pose its tail to help it stay up right but you may have to get a figure stand for Hicks. I’ve also already had several people ask me if the helmet can be removed from Hick’s head and unfortunately that answer is no.

The Battle Damaged Alien Warrior is a towering monster of a figure and I’m really impressed with it! The detail is simply amazing and this time the Alien Warrior comes in a blueish color and to me it looks better than the previous brown shade. As you can see, the head has exploded and if you get a close up look you can see that his chattering tongue is still there. If you look up top you can see some of his head is still in one piece and barely hanging on so be careful with this because you don’t want to break it off.

Hicks comes with a number of accessories that include a pulse rifle, shotgun, motion detector, shoulder lamp and a welding torch. Each one is as highly detailed as the figure plus they can all be attached to Hicks, either by the straps or by plugs. My only gripe with these is the shoulder lamp that comes with a small plug that is supposed to fit on the back of Hick’s but it has a hard time staying. If you press on his vest you can get enough room for it to fit but it ends up working its way back out. An easy fix would be a small drop of super glue, that’s what I would do for my figure.


Bottom line is, this Aliens Helmeted Corporal Hicks vs Battle Damaged Xenomorph Warrior 2-Figure Set is a must have for collectors! I know many of you that have been collecting the Aliens figures since they debuted but this is my first time and i’m completely impressed, from the detail and amazing articulation, NECA thought of everything here! This set is now available so be sure you pick one up if you haven’t already done so!

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