The Teaser Trailer For THE NIGHT VISITOR Creeps Its Way Online

The Night Visitor_Teaser_1Sht

Head inside to watch the first teaser for THE NIGHT VISITOR, the directorial debut for Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.  The teaser will be exclusively screened  in person this Friday, May 10th, at Port City Pop Con, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn will be on hand for introduction and Q&A after.

The Night Visitor is a unique mix of sci-fi and horror, lensed with the found footage style that has become popular in the genres.

The Night Visitor stars Brianne Davis, who will show up on True Blood this new season in an episode with Tara Buck, Gary Cairns (Black Butterflies, Hero Wanted, Justified), Jennifer Blanc (Dark Angel, Wrong Cops, The Victim), Mark Gantt (The Bannen Way, Ocean’s 11), Vedette Lim (True Blood, Halo 4), and Tara Buck (True Blood, Justified, Tomorrow You’re Gone). “The entire cast blew me away, Gary brings an authentic vulnerability, Vedette is powerful and sexy and Tara is delicious as Hilda,” added Blanc-Biehn.

The  producing team  on The Night Visitor includes Mark Gantt ( Bannen Way, Oceans 11), Brianne Davis (Among Friends, Jarhead), Jennifer Blanc -Biehn ( Wrong Cops, Hidden in the Woods, Treachery), Mark Burnham ( Wrong , Wrong Cops), Kate Rees Davies ( Sticks and Stones which stars Blanc- Biehn and is playing Cannes may 20 2013), Lony Ruhmann and Michael Biehn for Blanc Biehn Productions.



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