The Prometheus Sequel Will Be Called ALIEN: PARADISE LOST


Hey gang! Even though there were a lot of “knowitall” critics that dissed Sir Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus, I was one of the ones who enjoyed it without trying to pick it apart for its flaws. It’s really a very cool prequel hybrid!

We know  that Prometheus 2 is in development and while Mr. Scott has been out promoting his latest film, The Martian, he slipped out the title for the sequel in an interview with HeyUGuys and he called it ALIEN: PARADISE LOST. If you remember, there was a line in Prometheus that referenced paradise. Scott has also shared that there will not be any Xenomorphs in this movie that will head to the home planet of the Engineers. I wonder if we’ll see Deacon again?

Filming for the sequel begins in February 2016 and returns Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace as Shaw and the android David, respectively. There are also 3 more sequels being planned that will eventually tie into the next Alien movie. Are you excited?


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