ThanksKilling 3 passes up ThanksKiling 2?!?


The fowl-mouthed and psycho killer Turkie is back for seconds…er thirds in ThanksKilling 3. One of the only few movies to completely skip the sequel and just start killing in a third movie. While the plot is just as crazy as a mutated psycho Turkie killing people, it does beg the question of why not? The movie sounds like its one hell of a roller-coaster ride of mixture cheese and gore formed into a salsa mix.

November 13 is when Thankskilling 3 hits Video On Demand.

It’s directed by Jordan Downey, produced by Ricky Fosheim, and written by Kevin Stewart, Jordan Downey & Mike Will Downey. Dan Usaj and Joe Hartzler star alongside the voice-talents of Marc M (Flowis), Mike Litzenberg (Greg Garbage), Bridge Stuart (FrankenTurkey), Preston Altree (Nibla), Ben Siemon (Mrs. Turkey), Jordan Downey (Turkie, Yomi, Muff, WiseTurkey), and Kevin Stewart (Rhonda, PluckMaster).

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