Sideshow Collectibles Announces New Line Of Premium Art Prints


Hey gang! Sideshow Collectibles has announced the launch of the new premium art print collection from the expansive worlds of Marvel, DC  Comics and Sideshow’s own original property, Court  of  the  Dead. Head inside to get your first look at this amazing new museum quality art along with the launch date.

From Sideshow Collectibles:    

Thousand  Oaks,  CA  –  Sideshow  is  proud  to  announce  the  launch  of  a  premium  art  print   collection  from  the  expansive  worlds  of  Marvel,  DC  Comics,  and  Sideshow’s  own  original   property,  Court  of  the  Dead™.  The  dynamic  and  engaging  artwork  curated  for  this  new   program  finds  its  genesis  in  the  designs  that  inspire  Sideshow’s  world-­‐renowned  statues   and  figures.

Over  the  years  Sideshow  has  collaborated  with  talented  illustrators  to  create  incredible   two-­‐dimensional  representations  of  celebrated  pop-­‐culture  icons,  as  well  as  the  unique   offerings  of  Sideshow’s  own  original  characters.  Artists  will  include  Ariel  Olivetti,  Stanley   ‘Artgerm’  Lau,  Kris  Anka,  Scott  Forbes,  Fabian  Schlaga,  and  David  Palumbo  -­‐  just  to  name   a  few.

Each  prestigious  print  will  be  highly  limited,  featuring  the  penciled  artist  signature,  hand   numbering,  and  a  unique  emboss  for  authenticity.    Select  art  prints  will  be  further   enhanced  by  spot  gloss  varnish  and  custom  framing.

Sideshow’s  premium  art  print  program  will  launch  on  October  27th  at  10am  EST  with   three  initial  offerings:  ‘Spider-­‐Woman’  from  Marvel;  ‘Gotham  Sirens  -­‐  Poison  Ivy’  from   DC  Comics;  and  ‘Kier:  Call  of  the  Forsaken  Valkyrie’  from  Sideshow’s  own  Court  of  the   Dead™  property.

Stay  tuned  for  future  announcements  from  this  line  as  we  delve  into  favorite  characters   and  themes.



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To  see  the  current  prints  available  and  to  place  your  order,  please  visit:

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