Short Film Review: NINETY SECONDS

90 Seconds PosterNINETY SECONDS is directed by Gerard Lough and stars Andrew Norry, Michael Parle, Claire J. Blennerhassett, Simon Fogarty and Emma Eliza Regan.

I’ve never really heard of this movie before it appeared as a screener for me to review. These kind of surprise films can either be something great or will tend to be the nightmare that is finishing a film. Hopefully I got a film that is something entertaining instead of the brain tumor inducing films that I mostly get.

In the near future, a surveillance expert and also private detective takes on an unusual job that will lead him into a world full of both paranoia and revenge. With technology advancing every day, it comes to the point that the question of who is actually watching who?

After watching NINETY SECONDS, I must say that overall it was enjoyable for the most parts. For 27 minutes you get a decent set up, some intriguing progression and the ending twist. There isn’t really too much to go on since the entire film is only 27 minutes. And because it’s that short you would kind of expect that things would pick up fast and that there wouldn’t be any really slow down. Well, NINETY SECONDS sadly does just that. The film just drags in a lot of areas without any real explanation. I get that the slowed pace is supposed to represent both the main character’s lack of sleep and boring job, but still the scenes just didn’t bring anything that were entertaining to the story.

Overall, the idea and concept for the film is a solid one. It’s just that the slow pace and the dull techo themed atmosphere really brought what could of been a great movie down. NINETY SECONDS should be something more of the spy vs spy type of cyber-punk movie instead of the one man’s sorrow and emotional type of downer this is. If you would like a movie that would combine the techno aspect of Hackers and the paranoia of Conspiracy Theory, you would get NINETY SECONDS. It’s a tough movie to get though all the way, but the ending twist is an interesting one if you didn’t really see it coming.


– SuicideFoxx

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