Scream Factory Teases ‘TERRORVISION’ And ‘THE VIDEO DEAD’ Blu-ray Combo Pack

Scream Factory has teased us with another upcoming  “Double Feature” release of two more horror classics that fans have been asking for!

Double your “Terror-inside-your-TV” Trouble when we release TERRORVISION (1986) and THE VIDEO DEAD (1987) as a double feature next February! This will also officially mark the first time both films have either been on DVD or Blu-ray.

We’ll have more details on this release soon, for now dig on the cool key art courtesy of Scream Factory!

Terrorvision was directed by Ted Nicolaou, produced and written by Albert and Charles Band and composed by Richard Band.


When Stanley Putterman installs a brand new, state-of-the-art satellite dish in his backyard, his family ends up getting a lot more than just ESPN. Unfortunately for Stanley, his satellite is a perfect receptor for a load of extraterrestrial garbage that just happened to be converted into energy and zapped into his backyard: a hideous, two-ton alien blob with a never-ending appetite.

Only Sherman Putterman sees the menace of the alien. Try as he might to warn his family, Mom and Dad are too busy swinging with another couple and totally 80s sister Suzy is going out on a date with her heavy metal boyfriend O.D. That is until the alien creature materializes out of their boob tube and gobbles up Mom and Dad. Sherman is forced to recruit his sis, his psychotic, lizard-loving Grampa, and the busty late night horror host, Medusa, to bring an end to the beast’s homicidal smorgasbord and finally turn off that TV!

The Video Dead was written and directed by Robert Scott.


An unlabelled crate from an unknown source is delivered to a house in the woods. The homeowner unwisely accepts the delivery, only to discover it contains a TV set that starts spewing giggling zombies all over the place. When a new family moves into the now-abandoned house, the son discovers the haunted televsion and is soon told what he needs to do to send the zombies back where they belong. Knowing and doing, however, are two very different things, and the zombies are not likely to go quietly.

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