Scream Factory Bringing Home ‘THE ISLAND’ On Blu-ray And DVD Soon!

Scream Factory has teased us with the artwork for the Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack  for Peter Benchley‘s swashbuckling THE ISLAND (1980) starring Michael Caine. We’ll have more  on this release soon!


An investigative writer for a news magazine who doggedly tracks down one of the most baffling mysteries of modern times the disappearance of pleasure craft and passengers from one area of the Caribbean. It is in this area of the sea that descendants of seventeenth-century buccaneers, trapped in a time warp, persist in their marauding ways. Caine is captures by these pirates who need his services to help improve their degenerated gene pool. Caine’s twelve-year-old son is converted to the pirates heathen ways and turns against his father.

Source: Scream Factory Facebook

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