Scream Factory Announces PSYCHO II And PSYCHO III Blu-ray+DVD Collector’s Editions

psycho 2 and 3

Norman Bates and “mother” are coming home…to Scream Factory!  The amazing horror distributor just keeps on rolling out some fantastic old horror classics don’t they!  Today it has been announced that PSYCHO II and PSYCHO III will be releasing on Blu-ray and DVD Collector’s Editions this fall. 

Nothing else has been released at this time but you know there will be some awesome special features included with these two titles and probably some cool new artwork. We’ll keep you posted.

Psycho II Plot:

Psycho II takes place 22 years after the first film, Norman Bates is released from the mental institution and returns to the house and Bates Motel to continue a normal life. However, it soon becomes apparent that his past is going to continue to haunt him. – Wikipedia

Psycho III Plot:

Psycho III takes place one month after the events of Psycho II, Norman Bates is still running the Bates Motel with the corpse of Mrs. Spool still sitting up in the house. A suicidal nun, whom Norman falls in love with, comes to the motel along with a drifter named Duane Duke and a reporter who is trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of Emma Spool. – Wikipedia


Source: Scream Factory

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