SCI-FI BLOCK Review: March 2016

scifi block

Hey gang! I just received the March Sci-fi Block and I wanted to share my thoughts and some pics with all of you. First of all, what is Sci-fi Block? This is a monthly subscription service from Nerd Block that comes in a cool box full of sci-fi themed merchandise. Each box contains 5-6 items. March’s Sci-fi Block includes items from Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, The Fifth Element and more! 

Witness the unboxing!

scifi block 1

The Sci-fi Block also includes the lobby cards that show you everything that you’ll be getting. The card includes an image and description of each item inside the box. There’s also a teaser card for April that will include Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly and E.T. items.

Behold the goodies!

scifi block 8

scifi block 9

First up is Multipass: DIY Edition which is also a Sci-fi Block Exclusive. I’ve gone to a lot of conventions and I may try this out sometime soon. Maybe I can get into a VIP room with it. Maybe?  I’m guessing this is a $5.00 value.

scifi block 15

Up next is The Fifth Element ReAction Figure from Funko. Bruce Willis played the hero “Korban Dallas” in the sci-fi classic and now he has his own 3.34 inch fully poseable ReAction Figure. Subscribers had the chance to get one of four figures this month. There were also two versions of Leeloo and the villain, Jean‑Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. This is a $8.00 value.

scifi block 6

scifi block 7

We are Groot! This cool Guardians of the Galaxy Funko pocket Pop! Keychain was also included this month. Subscribers had the chance to get one of three. Groot, Baby Groot and Rocket and I got Groot! I guess I’ve now officially become a collector of these and will add this little guy to my growing collection. Approx a $6.95 value.

scifi block 16

The fan favorite Star Wars bounty hunter, “Boba Fett,” is representing in March with this classic action figure print created by Russ Moore.  Kenner would be proud.  Approx a $5.00 value. Like what you see so far? Subscribe to Sci-fi Block today!

scifi block 14

Next up is this awesome Doctor Who Tin and Drink Cup. There were two cups available, the Weeping Angel and the TARDIS and I got the awesome time machine!  There was also a cool surprise inside the tin. A set of cards that gives facts about the classic sci-fi series. The tin and cup together are approx a $24.95. These two are also sold separately online.

scifi block 17

March’s Sci-fi Block included this awesome Rock-Em Sock-Em Terminators t-shirt. Terminator 2: Judgement Day meets Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots! The black t-shirt is thick cotton Gildan and the screen printing and art looks really good up close. These shirts would probably cost between $15.00-$25.00 somewhere else (like the mall or Hot Topic) so this is a really good deal. When you subscribe, you let Sci-fi Block know what size shirt you wear so it’s not like you’ll be getting something you can’t use.

scifi block 18

The March Sci-fi Block had some awesome items and this could possibly be my favorite box since Sci-fi Block launched. A monthly Sci-fi Block subscription only costs $19.99. The shipping rates are as follows: ($8.75 to Canada, $9.50 to the U.S. and $12.50 Worldwide). So, for just under $30.00 (shipping included), there’s around $65.00-$75.00 of merchandise inside this month’s box. Bottom line is, Sci-fi Block comes highly recommended. This March Sci-fi Block has truly been Geek Tested and Nerd Approved. Subscribe to Sci-fi Block today!



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