Sci-fi Adventure STARSHIP: RISING Gets A New Poster And Trailer


We’ve been following the sci-fi movie STARSHIP: RISING since it launched into production. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten anything on the film but that all ends today because we have the new poster and impressive trailer for the upcoming sci-fi adventure.

The movie was written and directed by Neil Johnson (Alien Armageddon) and stars Claudia Wells (Back to the Future), Brooke Lewis (iMurders), E.J. De La Pena (Jingle All The Way), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Darren Jacobs (“Hollyoaks” TV series) and singer Emii.


A corrupt planetary federation…

The ultimate weapon of destruction.

One starship captain stands between them….and intergalactic armageddon.

The film is about what happens when a Starship armed to the teeth with missiles gets taken over by a revolutionary.


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