ROBO-DOG Takes a Bite Out Of DVD And Digital In January


Move over Robocop, there’s a new dog in town! image Entertainment has announced the home video release of the family adventure ROBO-DOG, taking a bite out of DVD and Digital on Jan. 5th. Head inside for the details!

The movie was directed by Jason M. Murphy (The Unbroken) and stars Patrick Muldoon (Starship Troopers), Olivia d’Abo (“The Wonder Years”), Michael Campion (Finding Eden) and Wallace Shawn (Toy Story).


He sits, plays fetch and he can move at super speed, bark at incredible volume and speak like a human being! He’s Robo-Dog, the most amazing mechanical mutt ever invented. When genius scientist Tom Austin sees that his son, Tyler, needs a new best friend, he locks himself in the garage, tinkering with spare parts, and creates the most incredible canine the world has ever seen! But Tom’s greedy ex-boss, Mr. Willis of Epic Industries, finds out that Robo-Dog is powered by a technologically advanced super battery, and he plots to steal it for himself. If the Austin family and Robo-Dog can’t stop him, Mr. Willis could accidentally blow up the whole town. It’s up to a hairy, hardwired little hero to save the day!


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