Ridley Scott Gives Updates On The PROMETHEUS Sequel And BLADE RUNNER 2


Director Ridley Scott is definitely keeping busy these days, jumping from one project to the next but there’s a few projects we’re always keeping an eye out for updates, the sequel to PROMETHEUS and that BLADE RUNNER sequel we keep getting teased about and now Scott has given us a little update for both.

While talking to Empire, Scott had this to say about Prometheus;

“Prometheus 2 is written, I have already got the next two films ready to go. That will be 2014, 2015…”

He adds this about the Blade Runner sequel;

“Yeah, we’re working on [Blade Runner 2] right now – that will happen sooner or later.” 

Scott’s next two movie projects (2014 and 2015) are the biblical epic Exodus, which will star Christian Bale (Moses), John Turtorro (Pharaoh Seti), Alien alum Sigourney Weaver (Tuya, Seti’s wife) and Joel Edgerton (Pharoah Ramses). The other project is based on the science-fiction books called The Forever War, the bureaucracy and space battle masterpiece by Joe Haldeman.

So all of us wanting these movies will have to wait several years but maybe they’ll be worth waiting for. I really enjoyed Prometheus and want to see what they can build on in this universe.  It’s good to see Scott making sci-fi movies again!


Source: Empire

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