Review: ZOMBIELAND: The Series Episode One “Pilot”

 zombieland series

ZOMBIELAND: The Series, yes they made a series.  Don’t worry though it’s not some lame ass continuation of the film with all new actors like other shows have tried to do.  No this is basically a new version.  Sure the character names are the same, and they have already met when this show begins, but its trying to be something different.

For those of you not familiar Zombieland is the story of a group of survivors after the great Zombie Apocalypse.  They don’t go by their real names, but the names of the city’s they are from.  We have Columbus, who is also our narrator.  Wichita, her little sister Little Rock, and their leader Tallahassee.  They travel around looking for a place to stay, and more people for their group, while surviving zombies.

Does it work?  Yes and no.  The show is definitely hilarious.  The opening scene is fantastic with two yuppies discussing problems of the day, and lactose intolerance while random people are killing random zombies in extremely bloody methods outside there window.  It also introduces us to Tallahassee, who is a food server of some sort.  When a zombie smashes through the window he springs into action and takes him out.

We learn in this Zombieland the survivors are guided by a lady on the radio telling them where they may find other bands of people.  I thought it was just a GPS at first.  From there it’s just basically the 4 wandering around.

Does it work?  Yes and no.  It’s funny, it’s bloody, and the acting is pretty good, except for Kirk Ward.  He was bad as Tallahassee.  No not because he is not Woody Harrilson, but because there is nothing believable as him being a tough guy. Every time the main focus was on him I found myself looking at the clock.  Luckily this doesn’t stretch, as it runs a little less than 30 minutes.

Will I watch another one? You bet. It is funny, bloody, and well-paced.  Hopefully I will grow a little fonder of Kirk Ward in his role, but if I don’t I can always think of Sticky Fingers playing Blade.  That makes everything seem better.

Check out Zombieland: The Series Episode One by clicking HERE or the logo up top.  You won’t be sorry you did.

– Cory G

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