Review: ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Episode 3.02 “Sick”

Hey Horror Geeks!

Back with my take on this Sunday’s episode of  THE WALKING DEAD!

The Good: Wow! There was so much awesome stuff in this episode all the so-so feelings I had about the season premiere are officially gone. The show came out of the gates swinging, literally, the tension between the prisoners and Team Rick was packed with drama, solid acting, and one serious WTF moment. This was Rick’s episode through and through IMO and really added several layers to his character. Rick is slowly becoming a character shaded in grey and with that comes the fun of not knowing how he’s going to react next.

Huge shout out for Rob Zombie regular LEW TEMPLE. This might be the best addition to the cast yet. Temple always brings a level of humility/comedy to any role he is in… and the fact he will be in future episodes is a great thing for us horror fans.

Carol deciding she needed to hone her surgery skills on a female zombie made for an uncomfortable but stellar gross-out scene.

The longer Hershel stays in his one legged coma, the better.

Serious props to Carl for taking the initiative and finding an excuse to wander off again (I’d love to see this become a running joke in the show).

The Bad: A lot of time and emotion was spent on Hershel and his blood loss but there wasn’t really any pay off to this. He didn’t die, he didn’t turn zombie, and for some reason… everyone cried.

The closing scene with Rick and his wife was confusing. When you’re surrounded by flesh eating zombies and dealing with psychopathic inmates, I don’t know, a conversation about divorce comes off pretty lame.

I still miss Shane 🙁

If you have any comments about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead you’d like to share please send them my way on Twitter @therealbkish.

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