Review: HIJACKED (Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack)

HIJACKED is a high-flying, death-defying thriller, it’s action-packed and full of familiar faces, even a few you haven’t seen in a while which is a nice treat! All rolled up in a jumbo jet with a bomb on it!

The movie immediately starts out in a gun fight which is really cool. Blood splattering gun shots everywhere, taking good guys and bad guys down, one in particular I was surprised to see go down so soon. Fast forward and we’re getting on a huge luxury jumbo jet with some more of these bad guys/crime lord who are up to no good. This is where Special Agent Ross comes in and recruits a few people to help him take these international thugs down before it’s too late.

Like I stated earlier, there’s plenty of action to go along with this rather bland story. We’ve seen so many action movies it’s hard to deliver an original but this one is still good, just not too original. There are also a few holes in the plot that you just have to figure out for your self or make a lucky guess on what’s going on with a few of these characters.  What makes up for that are the fight scenes and gun fights but to top that off is the amazing cast. We have Randy Couture, Dominic Purcell, Tiffany Dupont, Holt McCallany, Craig Fairbrass, Gina Philips and Vinnie Jones all in one movie! That’s pretty freaking cool if you ask me!

Hijacked is directed by Brandon Nutt who does a great job and captures some cool shots, full of blood and boobs, yes, guys will love this movie and hopefully lots of the lady folk will too! Nutt also co-wrote the story with Declan O’Brien who always seems to crank out movies that I really end up enjoying, plus he’s usually behind the camera. These two cranked out a pretty cool movie!

Bottom line is, this Hijacked [Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo] was a pretty cool watch for what it was. Lots of familiar faces and bloody action jam packed in a gigantic flying tin can.

Studio: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: None and a movie like this could have used some!


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