Psycho-Terror BENDER Follows America’s First Serial Killing Family

Candy Factory Films invites you to meet America’s first serial killing family when the psycho-terror BENDER arrives on DVD and all major Digital platforms on August 1st. Head inside for the details!

Based on the horrifying true story of America’s first serial killing family, BENDER proves that blood-thirsty madness and tall grass grow equally on the prairie.  On August 1, Candy Factory Films unearths this frontier thriller from first-time director John Alexander featuring a stellar ensemble cast with Linda Purl, Bruce Davison, Buck Taylor and horror icon James Karen.


It’s 1870s Kansas, and people have started to mysteriously vanish on the plains.  When the troubled Doctor York goes searching for answers, he stumbles upon the Benders, a homesteading family with an unnatural way of living off the land.   And when the good doctor also disappears, the locals sense that the Benders may be farming more than wheat.  With the sheriff circling and insanity afoot, America’s first serial killing family must decide what to do with their latest harvest in a 19th century thriller that’ll make your blood run cold.

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