Promo Trailer For ‘THE FACE GARDEN’ Lets Us Know There’s Something In the Woods!

Director Shane Cole (Mutilation Man) sent over a promo trailer for a project he’s trying to get off the ground called THE FACE GARDEN. This definitely lets us know there’s something kind of creepy going on here (especially in the wood) and  it leaves me wanting to see more!  Dig on it, spread the word and let’s stir up some buzz!


Since his mom’s death, 16-year old Andrew has repeatedly gotten into trouble at school. The principal, while sympathetic, has no choice but to expel him. Andrew’s dad Peter, suffering from his own grief, is at a loss. So Peter arranges for the boy to spend a week on a farm owned by a trusted friend Galen – Peter’s former shop teacher, now retired, who’s become a somewhat renowned wood sculptor. Galen had helped Peter stay on the right path when he himself was a teenager. Andrew is unhappy and confused about this decision; father and son have had a hard time talking about what each is going through. Peter’s hope is that by sending Andrew away for awhile he’ll be able to clear his mind and start thinking of things beyond himself. But Peter’s trusted old friend has been living a dual life.


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