Phase 4 Films has announced the video-on-demand (VOD) World Premieres of DRACULA REBORN and PROMETHEUS TRAP on October 1st. Head inside to check out the trailers and posters for both films.


THEIR SEARCH FOR ANSWERS WILL TAKE THEM TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE….  In deep space, the military cruiser, VENOM, is diverted from its mission to investigate a derelict freighter ship, the PROMETHEUS. On board, all of the crew are dead – victims of sabotage. And its only cargo is a weapon… one that will change the course of time and their destiny.

PROMETHEUS TRAP   The end begins…Again…

The first film in the STILL NIGHT MONSTER MOVIE SERIES, DRACULA: REBORN is a modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic novel, DRACULA.


Set in modern day Los Angeles, the story revolves around Jonathan Harker, a man who had it all… a good job, a beautiful wife, and a family on its way. But in the dark of night, a wealthy and enigmatic stranger, Vladimir Sarkany, will come forth to destroy it all.

Now, in order to get his life back, he has to join forces with an unlikely crusader Abraham Van Helsing and prepare himself to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Forget what you know about the legend…all is about to be Reborn. DRACULA:REBORN Believe the unbelievable.

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