Patrick Rea And SenoReality Wrap Latest Short Film ‘THE HOURGLASS FIGURE’

We share lots of director Patrick Rea‘s cool short films here and today we can share that Rea and SenoReality Pictures have just wrapped on their latest short film “The Hourglass Figure”, written by Michelle Davidson and Amber Rapp and starring Davidson and Brian Paulette.

The short is about a mother who’s overwhelmed with housework and raising children.  She finds an hourglass in her attic that gives her an extra hour in her day, but it comes with dangerous consequences.

Rea and Co., currently has another short, a dark comedy, “Split the Check” in post production and are touring his feature film “Nailbiter” at film festivals before it’s a spring release from Grindstone Entertainment and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.   “Nailbiter” will be screening at the New York City Horror Film Festival on November 8th.

You can also catch Rea’s short films “Get Off My Porch” and “Torture Porn” currently on and we’ll also be sharing more all through October right here.

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