Patrick Melton And Marcus Dunston Hired To Write ‘GOD OF WAR’

This is some cool new here! The super writing team of Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston whose credits include the Saw franchise, the Feast trilogy, The Collector and its upcoming sequel and even next wummer’s Pacific Rim have now been tapped to write the screenplay for GOD OF WAR, based on the popular video game.

With these two attached this project is in good hands and I look forward to seeing this super-violent game brought to the big screen!

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Ray Willis says:

    God of War on the big screen…..HELL YEAH! Kratos hacking and slashing his way through ancient Greece, I’d defenitely pay to see that. I just hope they pick the right Kratos…maybe Vin Deisel could pull it off.

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