• Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell Debuts Official Trailer Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell Debuts Official Trailer

    Hey gang! Lionsgate and Saban Films have released the official trailer for Rob Zombie‘s 3 FROM HELL that is getting [...]

  • Soska Sisters’ RABID Remake Debuts Stylishly Disturbing Official Trailer Soska Sisters’ RABID Remake Debuts Stylishly Disturbing Official Trailer

    Hey gang! The official trailer for Jen and Sylvia Soska (aka the Twisted Twins) stylishly disturbing remake of David Cronenberg‘s [...]

  • JACOB’S LADDER Remake Debuts Eerie Official Trailer JACOB’S LADDER Remake Debuts Eerie Official Trailer

    Vertical Entertainment has released the official trailer for the upcoming JACOB’S LADDER remake that’ll be available on Dish beginning July [...]


New DVD And Blu-Ray Releases For March 16th


Slow News Day *YAWN*

Yep, SXSW Festival is going on this weekend and the big news has already hit (Predators teaser and Kick-Ass Panel) and they been posted but what I have been doing this morning is adding a lot of movie trailers over on the YouTube Channel. Head [...]


SXSW ’10 Sneak Peak Trailer,Pics And Poster For PREDATORS

Executive producer and screen writer Robert Rodriguez is plugging the Nimrod Antal directed PredatorsPredators at SXSW in Autin,Texas this weekend and  he introduced us to this cool sneal peak at this much talked about sequel. Oh yeah I posted something on Facebook and Twitter earlier [...]


THE SHADOW WITHIN Trailer, This is Good Horror!

This little film has been shelved for some reason for almost 3 years! Silvana Zancolo’s The Shadow Within finally arrives on DVD on May 25th and stars Laurence Belcher, Hayley J Williams, and Beth Winslet. This is a really cool trailer, I just hope they [...]



Thanks to Twitch we can share this crazy Thai anthology with ya’ll. Word from the few festivals this one has hit is that it’s awesome, so be on the lookout for it soon! Die A Violent Death is directed by Poj Arnon, the four segments [...]


Teaser Trailer for IN THE SHADOW

Young people ,young people ,young people! When will we,hhmm, I mean they ever learn! Huh? Well actually if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t get the great slasher and goose bump movies now would we! Check out the latest from the Goose Bump side, we [...]


The Extended Trailer for PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL

 I’ve loved all of the cheesiness from Charles Band and his Full Moon Pictures! Full Moon has been kind of quiet the past few years until late last year wehn we got to star reporting news that a new Puppet Master movie was in the [...]


SUMMER GLAU Cast In NBC’s Superhero Pilot THE CAPE

The ever-so-delicious Summer Glau hasn’t given up on sci-fi tv just yet! First there was Firefly, then Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and then Dollhouse, none of which lasted longer than two seasons. Well geeks, today we’ve learned that Glau has been cast in the [...]


Check Out THE DESCENT PART 2 DVD Trailer!

Lionsgate will be bringing us The Descent Part 2 on April 27th and this one actually looks as good or better than the first one!The story continues with the lone survivor Sarah, who is now traumatized and can’t speak. She taggs along with a rescue [...]


Director PAUL SOLET Talks Acting In Horror

Paul Solet who directed one of my favorites from 2009 Grace has a video interview up as he talks about acting in horror and differences in genres! Special thanks to Actress Kristina Klebe and Brains of Minerva who posted the cool interview! You can visit GeekTyrant [...]


2 More Great Pics From CAPRICA’S Allessandra Torresani

Ok maybe  I have some kind of crush on her or I might just like Cylons this much! Either way Syfy and Allessandra Torresani (did I get that right?) are making their rounds over seas and plugging the shit out of Caprica! So here’s 2 [...]


SXSW ’10 Awesome Trailer for Vampire/Comedy SUCK!

SXSW 2010 is this coming weekend in Austin, Texas and a few of the movies trailers are already popping up around the net. I found this one tonight and had to share it with ya’ll! The cool ass trailer for Rob Stefaniuk’s Suck (I know [...]


SXSW ’10 Disturbing Trailer for RED, WHITE And BLUE!

Continuing with our South By Southwest 2010 previews for Austin, Texas this coming weekend is the “not safe for work” or for the hipsters “NSFW” trailer for director Simon Rumley’s Red, White and Blue which happens to take place in Austin! Check it out after [...]


Check Out The NEW Retro KICK-ASS Posters!

Kick-Ass is opening this weekend’s SXSW  Festival and is going to be one the big hits this year( I called it along time ago along with my other favorite Splice), but that’s another story. Here we have a few “Uncle Sam” and “I Want You” [...]