• VENOM Unleashes New Poster And Vicious Official Trailer VENOM Unleashes New Poster And Vicious Official Trailer

    Head inside to check out the official poster and trailer for VENOM that unleashes that awesome looking symbiote that we’ve [...]

  • Fantastic Final Trailer For DEADPOOL 2 Pokes Fun At The DCU Fantastic Final Trailer For DEADPOOL 2 Pokes Fun At The DCU

    Behold the Second Coming! Twentieth Century Fox has released the fantastic final trailer for DEADPOOL 2, the highly anticpated sequel [...]

  • Final Trailer For JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM Teases The Arrival Of A New Hybrid Final Trailer For JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM Teases The Arrival Of A New Hybrid

    Universal Pictures has released the exciting final trailer for JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM that arrives in 3D theaters and IMAX on [...]



How old are you? 39, I will be 40 next Monday! I look awesome for my age don't I….hahaha! Ask me anything



Remember the Ghostfacers on Supernatural? The bumbling, stumbling group of paranormal investigators whose popularity has grown to the point of having their own webisodes! According to Variety; “Ghostfacers” represents the latest expansion into the digital studio space for Wonderland, which is producing the “Supernatural” spinoff [...]


Watch Adam Green’s SABER Video And Feel The Force!



The Smallville:Absolute Justice TV movie is just one week away and it looks like it’s going to kick some major ass! Written by comic book scribe Goeff Johns, this is sure to be interesting!


Check out my friend Julin and another new movie she’s in, CHERRY BOMB!

Julin is in all kinds of movies this year,check out my interview here!



According toTitans director Louis Leterrier;  “We’ve talked about it loosely,” Leterrier told MTV. “Any movie of this size, [the studio wants] to know you won’t hit a wall after your first movie. So they’re like, ‘If we greenlight your movie and give you the money, [...]


Get Ready For AFTERLIFE!

Anchor Bay has a treat in store for us in the near future with After Life! this cool thriller stars Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson, Alfred Molina, Justin Long, Josh Charles, and Chandler Canterbury. Wow this film has a strong cast so maybe it’ll be a [...]


Check Out The RED RIDING Trailers & Synopsis From IFC Below!

IFC has a few cool things in their pot this year and one is Red Riding! Red Riding is in a trilogy format and all 3 will hit theaters on February 5th in New York at the IFC Center. Afterwards during the week of February [...]


Check out these cool upcoming Star Wars Bobble Head Monsters!

I came across these pics over on Dread Central and these little guys rock! They will be out the 3rd quarter of 2010.They are produced by Funko! Is that Zombie Yoda down below?    



So when my favorite remake show (Battlestar Galactica)  which was far superior to it’s predecessor ended I wondered what would be next for me to watch. I’m not that into watching plain TV but then the rumors of the prequel series Caprica started and last [...]


Check Out The Megapiranha Artwork!

The Asylum who love to make mockbusters, not to be confused with blockbusters are at it again! Next up is Megapiranha not to be confused with this summers Piranha 3-D check out the artwork and my article over at GeekTyrant! Did I spell that right? [...]


Casting Rumors For SAW VII 3-D Begin!

The fued continues between the Saw people and the Paranormal Activity people but today i have the first casting rumor for Saw VII 3-D. Click any of the links to head over and read on it only at GeekTyrant!


2 New TV Spots For THE CRAZIES!

Check out the 2 new tv spots for The Crazies over at GeekTyrant! I watched the George A. Romero original the other day and it stands the test of time for being so old so I’m all pumped up for the remake now! Be on [...]


Check Out The FROZEN TV Spot!

Hey gang,now that Sundance is over Frozen is about to hit theaters on February 5th and today the tv spot dropped! Click any of the links and head over to GeekTyrant to watch it! Let me know what you think!