• VENOM Unleashes New Poster And Vicious Official Trailer VENOM Unleashes New Poster And Vicious Official Trailer

    Head inside to check out the official poster and trailer for VENOM that unleashes that awesome looking symbiote that we’ve [...]

  • Fantastic Final Trailer For DEADPOOL 2 Pokes Fun At The DCU Fantastic Final Trailer For DEADPOOL 2 Pokes Fun At The DCU

    Behold the Second Coming! Twentieth Century Fox has released the fantastic final trailer for DEADPOOL 2, the highly anticpated sequel [...]

  • Final Trailer For JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM Teases The Arrival Of A New Hybrid Final Trailer For JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM Teases The Arrival Of A New Hybrid

    Universal Pictures has released the exciting final trailer for JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM that arrives in 3D theaters and IMAX on [...]


Watch Zack Snyder’s SUCKER PUNCH Movie Trailer


Watch the Spankin New Teaser Trailer For GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (THE MOVIE)

Director Bobby Jones has just hand delivered to me (not really but kinda) the spankin new teaser trailer for the upcoming Girl Scout Cookies (The Movie) that’ll start filming in June next year. This new teaser stars Deneen Melody, Erica Soto, Mark Cray with Bobby Jones behind the camera. For this movie to be so [...]


GeekTyrant T-Shirts Are Now Available!

So many people keep asking about the cool GeekTyrant shirts and I’m sending you guys and gals to our new shop that is open for business and fully stocked with these shirts! Once you buy one be sure to shoot me a pic or tag [...]


Watch Steven C. Miller’s Short ‘GRANNY’

                                    Happy Halloween!This is a short film/promo piece Steven C. Miller shot for Jamie Kennedy’s company. They had a feature script that execs had a very hard time understanding [...]


My interviww on KCAA NBC Radio’s "Ninth most Interesting Man" aired 10/26/10

Here’e the link where you can go and listen to “Ninth Most Interesting Man“, yeah go figure! On October 26th I was a guest on NBC affiliate KCAA Radio in Sanbernardino,Ca. talking all things horror and GeekTyrant. My interview is about 70:12 into the show. http://kcaaradio.celestrion.net/kcaa-podcasts/ninth/#


I’ll be a guest on NBC affiliate ‘Nine Most Radio’ KCAA 1050 October 26th, that’s tonight!

 I’ll be a guest on NBC affiliate ‘Nine Most Radio’ KCAA 1050 in San Bernardino,Ca. this tonight between 8-10 pm Pacific time. There is a podcast also on the site under the ‘Nine Most’ show title. I’ll talk about my love for horror films, especially [...]


Watch Eli Roth’s Halloween Trailer For ‘CLOWN’

I love creepy ass clowns and evidently so does Eli Roth! His latest “fake trailer” for Clown has hit just in time for Halloween and it’s pretty dang cool. Roth has teamed up with Waverly Films to bring us this well done bozo psycho short written byChristopher Ford and Jon [...]


Watch Adam Green’s 2010 Halloween Short ‘JUST TAKE ONE’

ArieScope’s 12th annual Halloween short film finds two Trick or Treaters faced with the moral dilemma of the “honor bowl”. Do they follow the rules and just take one piece of candy… or does basic Halloween logic prove that there is no harm in being [...]


SLICES OF LIFE Will Screen At GeekTyrant Presents:Dark Carnival Film Fest on November 19-21 in Bloomington,Indiana

Happy to be showing what is probably the most anticipated indie horror film of the the year at Dark Carnival Film Fest which GeekTyrant is proud to have partnered up with during the weekend of November 19-21. This is a must see for any horror fan!Sexual [...]


Trailer Debut: Check Out The Teaser Trailer For Brandon Slagle’s Upcoming Sci-fi/Horror Film ‘VIViD’

vivid adj. , -er , -est . Perceived as bright and distinct; brilliant: a vivid star. Having intensely bright colors: a vivid tapestry. You want to talk about busy? Just ask these fine hard working people (mentioned below) who started filming this colorful and trippy [...]


TERRORTYRANT RADIO Episode 2-Megashark Versus Crocaloctopus with Deneen Melody and me!

Listen in as Princess Unicorn Deneen Melody and me aka the Geeky Bastard talk SAC Sci-fi and Horror Con (Sept.25-26) with many of the cool peeps involve/ This episode was a lot of fun with great call in’s.        Listen to internet radio with AlienBee [...]


New HATCHET II Red Band Trailer Shows Buckets And Buckets And Buckets Of Blood!

Adam Green‘s Hatchet II lands in theaters on October 1st and in Unrated form, the first time in 25 years a movie has made it theaters unrated and I’m loving it! The return of Victor Crowley is a welcomed return so take that MPAA!If you [...]


The New Blog Talk Radio Show Starts Tonight With Actress DENEEN MELODY And I

Listen in tonight at 10 pm Central Time/8 pm Pacific as actress/scream queen and my SBFF Deneen Melody and I launch our Blog Talk Radio Show via the Alien Bee and what is soon to come for all of our horror fans, TerrorTyrant! Episode #1 [...]


My Friend Rob Masciantonio has cancer and could use our help!

Click on the widget to learn more about what’s going on and help out if you can! Thanks everybody! -Brian