• New Poster And Trailer For Illumination’s The Grinch Are Getting In The Holiday Spirit New Poster And Trailer For Illumination’s The Grinch Are Getting In The Holiday Spirit

    Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have released a new poster and trailer for The Grinch, the upcoming holiday adventure arriving in [...]

  • First Trailer For THE NUN Teases The Darkest Chapter In The Conjuring Universe First Trailer For THE NUN Teases The Darkest Chapter In The Conjuring Universe

    Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have released the first trailer for THE NUN, the next terrofying chapter in The [...]

  • Disney’s Live-Action DUMBO Debuts A Heartfelt Teaser Trailer Disney’s Live-Action DUMBO Debuts A Heartfelt Teaser Trailer

    Head inside to watch the heartfelt first teaser trailer released for Disney’s upcoming live-action DUMBO that will be flying into theaters [...]


Russian CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Poster Drops "Captain America"

Don’t you feel the love around the world? Take it all in and check out the Russian poster for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER that at least kept the red, white and blue but dropped “Captain America”. how do you feel about this? I blame [...]


3 Preview Clips For TRUE BLOOD Season 4 Episode 3

Here’s three preview clips from TRUE BLOOD episode three “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?”  airing this Sunday. Ep. 39 Clip – Crystal Comforts Jason©ShareURL=http://www.hbo.com/video/video.html/?autoplay=true&vid=1191899&filter=true-blood&view=null Ep. 39 Clip – Tara and Lafayette Discuss Eric©ShareURL=http://www.hbo.com/video/video.html/?autoplay=true&vid=1191897&filter=true-blood&view=null Ep. 39 Clip: Bill Metes Out Punishment©ShareURL=http://www.hbo.com/video/video.html/?autoplay=true&vid=1191901&filter=true-blood&view=null Source: “True Blood” on HBO.com


Must Have: Star Trek Original Series Glasses 4-Pack

Star Trek Original Series Glasses 4-Pack : Drink up with the crew of the Starship Enterprise! Retro-futuristic 4-pack of glasses. Each features a cast member from the original series. Images of Uhura, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Perfect for display or everyday use! This superb set [...]


Toy Of The Day: Futurama Talking Bender Action Figure

Futurama Talking Bender Action Figure : Foul-mouthed, oil-drinking Bender from Futurama! Articulated! Hear Bender speak and not care! From the hit animated series Futurama, comes this 9-inch tall Bender Talking Action Figure. The Bender Action Figure is articulated, and with a push of the button, you’ll hear the [...]


Predator 2: Shadow Predator (2011 Toy Fairs Exclusive) From Hot Toys

This Predator 2: shadow Predator figure from Hot Toys is the second exclusive for this years Toy Fair.This thing is amazing!


THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Teaser Trailer And Poster Coming Next Week!

SuperHeroHype has reported  that the teaser trailer and teaser poster for Christopher Nolan‘s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES  is set to hit theaters with HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part 2 next week! Word is the teaser trailer is a minute and 33 seconds long and will [...]


Video Game: Watch 12 Minutes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution With Commentary

Source: YouTube


Art: THE LITTLE PRINCE (Vader And The Death Star)

The Little Prince by Fabian Gonzalez  Looking at this, it’s actually pretty cool, there has to be a message here! You can also purchase the print  at society6.


Fan Made Film: Star Trek Aurora Part 2

This Star Trek: Aurora animated film has been out a while so here’s your chance to seee it again..Enjoy part 2.Plot:Original animated movie set in the Star Trek universe. This movie focuses on the exploits of civilian merchanters, rather than Starfleet officers.



Shockya dropped this new promo quad poster for Paul W.S. Anderson‘s THE THREE MUSKETEERS today so check it out. The film stars Orlando Bloom, Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, Luke Evans and Ray Stevenson. Synopsis:The hot-headed young D’Artagnan along with three former legendary but now down on their [...]


Check Out the New CONAN THE BARBARIAN Poster

Check out this newest poster for CONAN THE BARBARIAN. The film stars Jason Momoa, Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, Rachel Nichols, Leo Howard, Saïd Taghmaoui, Bob Sapp and is directed by Marcus Nispel.Conan opens on August 19th. Synopsis:The most legendary Barbarian of all time is back this Summer. Having thrived and evolved for eight consecutive decades in the [...]



Here’s the French poster for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. The Joe Johnston film stars Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Haley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Toby Jones and Neal McDonough and opens on July 22nd,Synopsis:Captain America: The First Avenger focuses on the early days of the Marvel Universe when [...]


The SPACE INVADERS Movie Is Still On!

Remember playing SPACE INVADERS? Yeah me too and I even have the phone app now so I can still enjoy playing it. Thee’s some news on the game that some of you might like to hear. Even though it’s been a while since we last [...]


Amazon Deal Of The Day: FANBOYS

How about this cool movie for all of the Star Wars fans out there! FANBOYS is marked down for only $7.99 at Amazon! This is also one of my personal favorites and highly recommended! Plot:Low on inspiration and laughs, Fanboys is a movie that should have been made [...]