New Viral Campaign Launches For ROBOCOP’ Remake

This is really early in the game but a new viral campaign has launched for the upcoming ROBOCOP remake featuring a sort of glimpse of the newly redesigned cyborg hero, a really cool looking  XT-908 and an upgraded ED-209. There’s also a short video.

Jose Padilha is directing with Joel Kinnaman taking the lead as Alex Murphy, a police officer who is almost killed and is transformed into a cyborg police officer by Gary Oldman who will play the scientist who creates Robocop and Samuel L.Jackson who will play Pat Novak, a charismatic TV mogul  and a powerful force in the Robocop world and Abbie Cornish who will play Alex Murphys wife. Hugh Laurie is still in negotiations to play the villainous and ultra-rich CEO of Omnicorp, the company that makes RoboCop.

Robocop is scheduled to release in theaters on August 3rd, 2013.


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