Mummified Animated Adventure UNDER WRAPS Arrives On DVD October 14

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ARC Entertainment has announced the release of the mummified animated adventure UNDER WRAPS, arriving on DVD on October 14th. Head inside for more!

The movie was directed by Gordon Crum, written by Allison Ross and features the voice talents of Brooke Shields, Drake Bell and Matthew Lillard.


Danny and older sister Eleanor fall into an adventure of a lifetime when Danny accidentally unleashes a centuries old curse involving mummies, phaoroahs and nefarious villains! When their archeologist parents go on an expedition to an ancient Pharoah’s last resting place, Danny sneaks into the tomb and finds a sacred amulet, which he takes home. When he accidentally breaks the amulet, all sorts of chaos follows, starting with his parents turning into mummies! Eleanor and Danny frantically look for clues to solve this nightmare but the police, an evil assistant, and a mysterious visitor from the past are suddenly getting too close for comfort.



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