Movie Review: TREACHERY

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TREACHERY is written and directed by Travis Romero and stars Michael Biehn, Sarah Butler, Caitlin Keats, Matthew Ziff, Chris Meyer with appearances by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Richard Gunn. Produced by Blanc/Biehn Productions.

Treachery is a dark character study that takes the viewer behind closed doors and introduces them to a family with some severe issues and secrets that get exposed that leaves everyone in this house changed forever after spending just one stormy night together.

Meeting the main players in the film we have Michael Biehn who plays Henry, a womanizing alcoholic who you hate and like at the same time. There’s  Henry’s son Nathan, played by Matthew Ziff and his girlfriend  Cecilia played by Sara Butler and she also has some surprising ties with Henry that are revealed as the story plays out. There’s also Henry’s girlfriend Vanessa played by Caitlin Keats and Evan played by Chris Meyer. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Richard Gunn appear in the film briefly as the happy bride and groom to be.

Dissecting the movie, here’s what happens. It’s a weekend trip for a wedding that involves this group who get trapped in this house during a severe storm. Even though it’s an uncomfortable reunion for a few, at first everything is relaxed and everyone is just happy to see each other but things begin to change when a secret is shared and of course then it gets shared again and then the truth is revealed and everything becomes really uncomfortable for all parties involved. Everything is changed for these people after this one stormy night. Okay and speaking of this stormy night, throughout the film we get these brief shots of the storm outside that gives us a nice interpretation of the storm that’s going on inside the house, this was a really nice addition and fits in nicely!

Treachery is a drama so for those of you thinking it’s another horror outing from Blanc/Biehn Productions, well it’s not. The story is a good one but it’s the actors and their character development that make this movie what it is and that’s something really dark and cool. Travis Romero did a great job telling this story and bringing it to life. The camera captures all of these emotions and awkward situations that end up running wild and out of control and helps tell the story. It’s a breath of fresh air in a dark, sadistic and treacherous kind of way! See what I did there?

Bottom line is, Treachery is a gripping drama that lots of people will probably and unfortunately relate to. All of the characters were fantastic and easy to get into, especially Michael Biehn who always puts on a show no matter what role he takes on and then there’s Sarah Butler who is really cementing herself as someone to watch for! Honestly, the movie didn’t have too many flaws but it did run short clocking in at just under 75 minutes and that’s a little too short for a good watch like this! So, if you’re looking for a new twisted little drama to watch then keep this one on your radar when it releases in 2014!

Just a little side note, I even enjoyed when the credits rolled! The poster below gives you a little sneak peek at what I’m talking about and it’s very well done!


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