Movie Review: THE TRIANGLE (2016)


The Triangle was written, directed by, and stars David Blair, Nathaniel Peterson, Adam Pitman, Andrew Rizzo, and Adam Stilwell.

When I think back on my life thus far I often reflect on my involvement with a large number of cults. This does not even factor in the covens and other occult-oriented organizations that I have been peripherally involved with. First at age two I joined The People’s Temple led by the charismatic Reverend Jim Jones; a totally misunderstood fellow. Unfortunately that went south a few weeks after my 3rd birthday and it developed in me a strong distaste for Flavor-aid—which is an off-brand Kool Aid. We didn’t even have Kool Aid like so many people think. What kind of rich snobs do you think we were? I felt things were going really well but it turns out that they weren’t. Well, everyone died or something, so I went out to look elsewhere.


I wrote letters to Charles Manson offering to pull some strings for his release so we could figure out some more hidden meanings in Beatles’ lyrics. Perhaps he was put off by the fact that I was writing in crayon and the fact that my “letters” mainly consisted of my name and crudely rendered pictures of puppies. Oddly enough he still wrote me back but the letters were barely intelligible ramblings on “the man” and his “recording career.” He sent me a demo tape. His songs were not too bad. Unfortunately that seemed to be a dead end as I was not a young hippie woman who wanted to have sex with him and his interest soon dwindled. Then there was the period I like to call “The Waiting”.

It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that I found a cult with some good ideas. The Halle Bop comet was approaching and there was a spaceship behind it. “Doe one of the the leaders of “The Heaven’s Gate” group told me so. We happily wore our bright white sneakers and blue jumpsuits, and castrated ourselves. It was good until they broke out the poison so we could leave our physical bodies and get on the spaceship. I tossed my liquid poison out a window, waited until everyone laid down and then I made a run for it. I stopped at a neighborhood taco truck for a bite to eat and the proprietor offered me a job and I have been happily selling fish tacos for nearly 20 years.


Cults have a bad reputation and communes do as well. I think that the commune in “The Triangle” seems pretty cool. Sure they’re in the middle of nowhere and there is all that weird stuff going on in the cave nearby and people are disappearing. Others are vomiting and hearing things and experiencing various other medical issues. But hey when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. That doesn’t actually apply but it sounds good/reads well. As near as I can tell, they have no lemons. I suspect that on some level a number of the characters are actually thinking: “Why the hell am I living in this damn yurt in the middle of nowhere?” But I guess that it is questionable to actually say that to your neighbor in the yurt next door. Yurt-dwellers often do not like to be told how to live their yurt-lifestyle. Especially when stuff starts getting really crazy—maybe they want to leave but nope, one of the guys contacts his film-maker friends…via postcard, because they have no phones or any technology really. So they bring more people into the mess to document it. But if they didn’t document it, we wouldn’t have the footage that makes up the movie. See how that comes together. Amazing.

So The Triangle is written, directed by, and stars David Blair, Nathaniel Peterson, Adam Pitman, Andrew Rizzo, and Adam Stilwell . Basically five directors, the same five people writing it, the same five people acting in it (with others added of course). I hear that the same five guys even built the hills, turned the area into a desert, dug the cave, provided catering, delivered 16 babies during filming, performed 2 organ transplants before wrapping, and ran around the universe. Naked. Overall I liked the film. I thought it was fun and more original than most found footage/faux documentary films. Definitely less predictable and there is no witch of any kind involved. If you hate found footage or faux documentary-style films this will probably not change your mind but if you like them, then give it a shot. I think you’ll have a good time. – Dan MacNeil

Distributor: 108 Media

Run Time: 94 minutes

Rating: NR

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