Movie Review: THE PACKAGE (Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack)

THE PACKAGE follows a bouncer who is entrusted by his boss to hand deliver a secret package to a crime boss they call “The German” but along the way the rival gets word of this package and he sends his goons out to intercept the bouncer.

Before this bouncer gets from point A to point B – he runs into more hitmen, bullets, explosions, cuts and bruises than Guinness Book of World Records could ever keep up with and count. Ultimately after his long and battle damaged journey, the bouncer arrives at his destination to deliver this secret package to “The German” and then the movie takes a completely different turn. Wow, didn’t see that coming!

Ok, director Jesse V. Johnson did an outstanding job directing this movie. His camera caught everything from a bowling ball popping a guy in the nose to some crazy action sequences and chase scenes with bullets flying all over the place. Crisp, clear, in your face and in high-def baby, just the way I like my action movies!  Honestly, if there’s any weak spot in the movie it’s some of the acting. Austin just doesn’t have lots of range with these characters he portrays and when he shoots a more intimate kind of scenes he just looks uncomfortable and out of place. Austin was just made to kick some ass and drink some beer.

The Package is easily Steve Austin‘s best movie as a lead since The Condemned. It has a pretty cool story with a nice twist at the end, there’s plenty of really cool fight scenes, as many bullets flying around than The Expendables fired off, some explosions and it even has a little humor at times, thanks to “The German” Dolph Lundgren.

Bottom line is, The Package  is an absolute fun action flick! It’s wide open from beginning to end with non-stop action plus you get two of the biggest action stars going at it, it’s Austin Versus Lundgren in a fight to the death! This Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack releases on February 19th and it is definitely recommended! BOOM!

Distributor: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 95 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: None unfortunately

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