THE NIGHT VISITOR is the directorial debut from actress Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and stars Brianne DavisGary Cairns, Jennifer Blanc, Mark GanttVedette Lim, and Tara Buck with a special appearance by Michael Biehn.

The movie follows a young suburban couple who are having problems with their marriage so they hire this new age spiritualist to help with their troubles. She tells them to video their lives 24/7 to help reunite the family. As they begin to do this they discover that their son is having strange conversations with an unseen entity, calling itself The Night Visitor.

As the movie plays along and we watch the couple film everything that’s going on, we see hints of strange things happening all around them. The movie has a solid story that stays confined inside this home as we watch what happens to this family, thanks to their new camera!

This strange occurrence begins with their son and we slowly watch them get sucked into what ever is going on here. We watch the couple begin to successfully work on their relationship while things around them begins to get weird, including them. These strange events that began with their son slowly spreads throughout the home and to whoever is in there! Each character ends up getting a dose of what ever it is that’s happening here and it all seems to be coming from the kid’s laptop. At first I thought there might be aliens messing around with the family and then maybe it’s more paranormal or possibly a mixture of both with a little bit of Government corruption add to the mix, I’m not sure!

The Night Visitor doesn’t rely on any big FX or over-the-top CGI, instead it uses old school tricks of the trade and gimmicks like flickering lights that pay off so well on screen. The camera captures some nice shots of shadows and some eerie, up close “face in the camera” scenes that reminded me of some of today’s biggest paranormal thrillers and the whole “found footage” thing. Since the camera plays sort of a character all its own and actually tells the story, we get this corrupted video style that shows up from time to time besides all the other stuff I just shared, oh and then there’s this laptop that plays a “little” part. All of these really helped to tell the story and what’s going on here, even though we’re left kind of scratching our heads at the end, or at least I was. I will say this, even though questions aren’t answered, we get something pretty cool at the end that fans will enjoy, a nice short cameo from Michael Biehn and a hint at some sort of Government cover up, maybe? It’s all in the eyes!

Bottom line is, the fact that The Night Visitor is Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s first time behind the camera, she totally hits it out of the park! The movie does have its flaws though, the main two being that the movie is way too short clocking in at just 73 minutes and since it’s a slow burn style of movie, there’s no huge payoff at the end.  The story is good and all of  the acting is great, along with the character development. Without ruining the movie, there is a little tease or hint at the end that simply adds to the mystery behind The Night Visitor. Maybe that’s what they were going for here and if that’s the case then it’s a nice setup for whatever is to come!  The Night Visitor is like Paranormal Activity meets Goosebumps!

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