Movie Review: THE HOLE (Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack)

Director Joe Dante‘s latest movie is a supernatural-thriller that is simply titled THE HOLE.  The movie follows two brothers (Dane and Lucas Thompson) who move to a new town with their mom and discover a door in the floor of the basement of their new home. Curiosity gets the best of them so they open the door and discover a hole that appears to have no bottom. Some kind of  supernatural force is then unleashed and it seems to be after the brothers, and their cute neighbor Julie and plays them against their biggest fears.

I have to say that what Joe Dante has done with The Hole is allow me to revisit my childhood. The movie absolutely fits in with 80’s classics like Gremlins, The Gate and The Goonies.  Teenagers and even some younger kids will be able to relate to these characters easily and most adults will get a kick out of it and probably catch themselves smiling at times. The movie takes you on a journey of imagination while it also deals with watching someone overcome their innermost fears.

The story of The Hole is so cool and really refreshing all the way through. If there’s any weak link in the movie it’s probably the final ten minutes. It gets kind of out there compared to what you watch up to then but you also have to remember that “fear” plays an important part in the movie and the boy’s story, almost like it’s a major character.  It’s also probably pretty hard to crank out a movie like this and keep it under an R rating  and that is what they have done. The director who is already known for many fan favorites does a great job creating something that I think is really special. Why this movie didn’t get a wider theatrical release drives me nuts!

The special effects in the movie are also superb! There are some practical effects which hardcore loyalists will enjoy and probably get a kick out of one, in particular is a puppet!  The movie also includes CG but don’t worry, it’s not overdone and is really just added in to give the movie its darker mood at times. The heaviest CG is at the end of the movie where this kind of showdown takes place but it’s all done really well.

I also want to mention how awesome this small cast was. Teri Polo, Chris Massoglia, Haley Bennett, Nathan Gamble, Quinn Lord and Bruce Dern all put on really strong performances. I will say that Dern gives us a special and unique character that I compare to Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown, and he isn’t even in the movie for too long! The guy makes an impact what little screen time he’s given!

Bottom line is,  The Hole Blu-ray+DVD Combo was an absolute blast watching and I already can’t wait to check it out again! The movie releases on this Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack on Tuesday, October 2nd and comes highly recommended! Don’t miss this instant classic!

Distributor: Big Air Studios

Run Time:

Rated: PG-13

Special Features: Good Stuff!

  • A Peek Inside The Hole
  • Making of The Hole

– Relationships (Family Matters)

– The Keyholder (Keeper of The Hole)

  • Movie Stills
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