Movie Review: THE FANATIC

THE FANATIC was directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst from a screenplay he co-wrote with Dave Bekerman and stars John Travolta, Devon Sawa and Ana Golja.

Moose is a rabid movie fan who is obsessed with his favourite celebrity action hero, Hunter Dunbar. When he is cheated out of his opportunity to finally meet Hunter, Moose gets a little help from his friend Leah, a well-connected paparazzi photographer, who knows how to find celebrity homes. Moose turns to stalking to get the celebrity interaction he feels he deserves, and while harmless at first, Moose’s actions begin to take a dark turn as his obsession grows stronger. As the visits continue to escalate, Hunter Dunbar finds himself in increasing danger.

The Fanatic follows Moose (John Travolta), an innocent man-child who’s a big collector of autographs and movie memorabilia. He’s such a big fan of movies that he cosplays in Hollywood for money. What happens is, Moose gets a chance to meet his favorite actor, Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa), but the encounter doesn’t go as planned. Moose ends up accidentally crossing the line by invading the actor’s personal space and the actor gives his fan a not-so friendly warning which leaves the man-child hurt. The thing about Moose is that he’s more like a kid than he is an adult so he doesn’t know how to process hurtful things like this.

This doesn’t stop the child-like Moose from trying to get Hunter’s autograph so he decides to pay the actor a visit at his residence and it doesn’t end well. Moose is left mentally scarred by the violent way his favorite actor treats him, and to be honest, it could’ve been handled better by the actor who crosses the line. This event leaves Moose extremely hearbroken that his favorite actor is nothing like the character he plays and this sets Moose on an unsettling path of destruction where he not only ends up at the actor’s house again but this time he finds his way inside. In the end, this home invasion turns into a complete nightmare for the actor as well as his former biggest fan.

Bottom line is, The Fanatic is one of those rare movies that comes from out of nowhere and punches you right in the gut to get your attention. First of all, the story was really interesting and it’s one that a lot of fans and celebrities will be able to relate to. This story captures the two sides in a terrifying way and adds a small element of horror to the mix. I thought the cast did a fantastic job with their characters. This is John Travolta at his best in a role like you’ve never seen him before and it’s definitely an award winning performance. Devon Sawa also delivers a strong showing as this actor who reveals his shitty side (a side that is seen way too much these days by celebrities) once the line gets crossed. Last but definitely not least is director Fred Durst who knocks it out of the park and captures these intense performances by Travolta and Sawa. Durst proves that he’s a force to be reckoned by showing off his directing skills and delivering an unsettling psycho-thriller that’s one of my favorite movies of 2019. The Fanatic arrives in select theaters on August 30th and On Demand on September 6th. Do not miss it!

Distributor: Quiver Distribution

Run Time: 89 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

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