THE CONTROL GROUP was directed by Peter Hurd from a screenplay by Logan Gion and stars Ross Destiche, Jenna Enemy, Justen Jones, Emily Soto, Shane Philip, Monique Candelaria, and Brad Dourif.

Five college students wake up in an abandoned, maximum security insane asylum – with no idea how they got there, and no means of escape. They learn they are the subject of a secret organizations experiments, but these tests have awakened something not of this world, that cannot be explained by science. The group must now fight to escape both human and supernatural threats if they are to survive.

The Control Group follows these five college students (some likable and some not so much) who get trapped inside this mysterious place with no recollection of how they got there. None of them really get along with each other but as they explore the dark hallways of this insane asylum, the pieces of the puzzle slowly come together. There’s a sinister government group that has placed them here to do some terrifying experiments on them. And all this time they just thought it was a bad drug trip! There’s a mad scientist who is performing these experiments but his team isn’t always on the same page with him. As a matter of fact, it’s like everybody is in it for themselves until the supernatural element is introduced and then there are some uneasy alliances formed. What they all find out is that there’s more at play than what’s going on between these two factions because this supernatural element has it has its eyes set on all of them.

Okay, the story for The Control Group was an interesting one but it did have a lot going on. The movie itself is a fun watch but if you stray away for too long you might get lost in the shuffle. The movie is very busy with everything going on inside the asylum. It also shows some flashbacks scenes to give the viewer a little more of an idea of what kind of people they really are. There’s also people dying and coming back to life while others are switching sides. It’s crazy but it’s fun! To go along with all of this insanity are some pretty cool looking special effects that includes lots of blood and gore. Extremely impressive for an indie film!

Bottom line is, The Control Group is a low budget horror movie that has lots to offer and a whole lot more going on. Not only is this the directorial debut for Peter Hurd but he did a really good job telling the story and the execution of it all. All of the performances were really good and it’s always great to see another sinister character brought to life by the always awesome Brad Dourif. We all know that low budget indie films like this can be hit or miss and this one right here is hitting on all cylinders – well most of them. Sure, the movie has its flaws but what movie doesn’t? The movie is a fun watch for horror fans who are looking for something new and a little diffferent. The Control Group is now available on all major digital platforms with a DVD release planned for May. Be sure you give this one a watch and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Distributor: Wild Eye Releasing

Run Time: 86 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated



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